Goodbye and Thank You

March 1, 2009

Over the span of a year and half, this blog has grown into a well developed and respectable blog. Hitting more than a hundred hits per day, this blog was very much able to send a message throughout the global cyberspace.

To every beginning there has to be an end, although it saddens both me and Sabrina, we have decided that this blog will no longer be updated. We will no longer write here. Do not misconstrue this message, there is nothing wrong with Sabrina and I, but rather we have found that having responsibilities especially work and all has caused both of us to have only a limited amount of time to write.

This blog has given us so many bitter and sweet memories and as tribute to those memories, this blog will be left here to wither slowly, in hopes that others who have just found this blog will find its contents helpful.

We might write in a new blog in the future but not in the closest amount of time. No more writings or ramblings here from both me nor Sabrina and we hope that everyone pursuing their own writing activities will have as much fun as both of us had sharing our stories and ideas with the world.

I have shared my words....

Sabrina has shared her very interesting perspective in life....

So to all our readers, we bid all of your farewell and we would like to thank you for all your support over the years.

Yours truly

Sabrina and Hanafee
Summer and Seth
Bubbly and Nerdy

Saying Thank You

February 22, 2009

During one of my Masters class one of my lecturers pulled me aside and asked me as a favor, to write a short paragraph welcoming the new English literature students for next semester. I was so excited, an honour given to very few people, and the fact that they thought of asking me to do it, well just made things even more amazing. Then i realized that i had to get on it. To try it quickly, then, i realized, i havent written anything insanely provocative or even remotely "literary" in a very long time. (Yes in the blog too)

And it kinda freaked me out. I was scared, what if it wasnt good enough. What if when the lecturer or the new students read and their reaction was simply "Thats the best a Lit Degree holder can do?"

so here it, Im posting it here first before i send it in, hopefully to all readers, regardless of whether you come here often or not.. i wish... no I HOPE you will give me feedback on this paragraph. In desperate need of help and any comments from all of you will be appreciated.


fellow students,

Welcome to first and foremost to the School of Literature, Language, and Linguistics Studies. I was asked to write this short paragraph to welcome all of you to the beginning of a new journey. It is impossible to put into a paragraph what the three years in UKM has given me and what it will offer you. But to give you a sneak preview what lies ahead, you only need to look around for the older wiser faces. I dare say that everyone in the SOLLs regardless of their contribution will play an important part in your education. Whether its the uncle who comes half an hour early to class to set up the audio visual aid for effective learning, whether it is the slightly older aunty who keeps reminding you to register for something, or even that enthusiastic lecturer who speaks so passionately about how individuals can affect an education system, the Shakespeare lecturer who is not afraid to dance, the Post-Colonial lecturer who always has a knack of making you feel inadequate one second and then makes you feel like you can take on the world in another, or that lecturer who just seems to fall head over heels for Salman Khan. I once stood and looked at the SOLLs building from a far and being half way through my degree, there was to a certain extent a feeling of nostalgia, stopping for a minute to think back about the older generations which have walked the path i am walking and the path you will walk. Literature students are naturally born to be outspoken, to voice opinion when need arises, the ELS are known for their attention for detail and their vast ability to be calculative and passionate at the same time, and the linguistics are the sole warrior in world of English, our last testament that Bahasa Malaysia is as important or maybe even more important as any. What you will learn in the next three years will not only be about how to be a good student, but how to be an individual with value. An individual with value. So having said that, i would like to congratulate all of you for getting here to SOLLs and I wish you good luck for future undertakings. It will not be easy, but I promise you, everything will be worth it.


This is the speech and i hope everyone can let me know as soon as you read this, :) thanks people.

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When lil brother falls sick...

Danial falls sick. Fever.
His temperature is high enough it makes him uncomfortable.
He puked twice.

I was panicked a bit because I didn't know where to start.
I was blur for minutes.
Today is Sunday and Mom is at the mosque, from morning till noon.
Dad is not around, he's out, helping his friend with computer problem.

I wondered if the temperature would "cook" his brain, causing permanent damage.
Hmmph, me and my complicated mind.

Being me, I turned to Google.
I googled "How to care for a sick child"

So while waiting for my parents to be home....
I put damp towel on my brother's forehead.
Took off his clothing though the room is not hot.
I covered him with thin cloth.
And I let him sleep.

He's sleeping now and here I am blogging about it.

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Terasa Hati...

February 18, 2009

(maksud negatif)
1. Terasa hati = terluka perasaan = terguris hati = makan dalam = kecik hati

(maksud positif)
2. Terasa hati = menyentuh kalbu = mengusik jiwa = hati syahdu = besar hati

Topik kali ini akan menyentuh berkenaan definisi pertama. =)

Bagaimana kita boleh terasa hati? Selalunya...(tetapi tidak terhad kpd...)
-Apabila kena marah kaw kaw.
-Apabila kena perli cili padi.
-Apabila kena tegur cara yg tak best .
-Apabila kena pulau.

Apakah yg perlu atau boleh kita lakukan apabila kita terasa hati??
Ada banyak pilihan...boleh pilih satu atau lebih... =)

1. Berdiam diri bagi tujuan muhasabah diri mengadap illahi.
2. Berdiam diri kerana bijak dan tidak mahu bertindak seperti orang bodoh.
3. Berdiam diri bagi mengumpul kekuatan untuk membalas dendam.
4. Melatah dan terus emo-emo tak tentu pasal bikin kacau kepala org lain.
5. Mengadu kepada orang lain untuk mendapat sokongan padu dan membina kroni.
6. Berjumpa sendiri dgn orang yg melukakan hati dan settle secara baik hati ke hati.
7. Menenangkan diri dgn menulis blog mcm ni contohnya. (hahahhaha)
8. Buat tak kisah...buat dono... pilih lah sendiri!!

Setiap pilihan ada baik buruk... tapi ikut logik akal, pilihan 1, 2 dan 6 lebih mendatangkan keuntungan dan keamanan.

Terasa hati selalunya berlaku di kalangan keluarga dan kawan kawan.
Di tempat kerja, tempat belajar malah toilet pun ada!!
Kadang kadang dgn stranger pun boleh terasa hati gak. Haih...

Setakat ni aku tak pernah terasa hati yg teruk ngan sesapa lagi kot...
Entahlah, kalau ada pun maybe dah tak ingat..kira aku halalkan lah.

Kepada sesiapa yg pernah terasa hati dgn aku and rasa cam tak settle lagi, tak puas hati lagi, sila kemukakannya di ruangan komen okay. *senyum*

Marilah kita berbaik!! *mendepakan tangan cam nak peluk tapi tak peluk*

Peace!!! *tunjuk dua jari*

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How Wildlife celebrate V-day.

February 15, 2009

They take a walk together on the ice cube..

they kiss in the aquarium or deep blue sea...

they stay close and float on the pond...

they share sweet moment on the rock...

They the sky...
And this is my favorite.
They just simply cuddle with each other.
Mulut singa singa atas ni mcm senyum kan?
Because they are happy!!!!!

Aren't they cute???

If you wanna see more pictures of wildlife couples..
go here.

Wildlife Couples.

Have a good bubbly Sunday all!!!!


Valentine’s Day "Facts" are Actually Fiction

February 13, 2009

I found out from my friend's boyfriend's blog that Valentine's Day "Facts" are actually fiction.
To read about it, you can click at the blue link and it will bring you to his site.

Reading his writing makes me think...
"A'ah ek...why aku tak google lebih mendalam dari dulu??"

But well...That is so us kan, sometimes when it comes to religion thingy or any other subjects...
We just accept every info without checking or referring to domain expert first.
We just follow everything secara taklid buta.

Anyway, kudos to him for finding out that Valentine’s Day "Facts" are Actually Fiction.
But personally, I don't give a damn about Valentine's Day "Facts".

Nak sambut, sambut. Tapi biarlah bersederhana.
Tak nak sambut, sudah. At least duit jimat tak payah beli coklat bunga mahal2 semua.

kan? kan?

p/s: Damn, i'm like sort of promoting his site kan?? He better thank me!! hahaha. like he knows about WBN jer. Ceh.

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Valentine's Gift

Dear Witty Seth,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I might not sound that excited on the phone,
because I was a bit shocked.
It was unexpected.
But trust me, I am so happy!!

XoXo Bubbly,

Fee gave me an invisible gift. It's too abstract I don't know how to show you. But all i can tell is...

A better man. That, is a gift. For me. *smiles*

Asal Usul Valentine's Day

Ignore the post title.
The reason I put it is just to get attention in google.

Valentine's day is tomorrow wei....
I am gonna be working on that day.
*sad face*

Actually Seth wanted to come
but I was the one yang mengade-ngade told him...
"Eh, takpelah...."
My bad.
*sad face again*

We don't really celebrate it.
In fact, we never celebrated it.
Did we?
Lupa maaaa....
*stops writing and checks archive*

Ok. we sort of like celebrated it but we didn't!!!
We just didn't wanna be alone on that day. hehehe
Here's the proof.
Last year entry about V-day.

This year Seth and Summer are gonna be alone on V-day.
Wutevalah kan~
Eleh...tak heran...Aku dah sambut hari kasih-sayang everyday lah!

And I wish and hope no girl comes to him this year with a ring plus a promise to wait till 26yrs old. ( This is a sarcastic remark ok)
Nah, i think she's not reading WBN anymore.
But wuteva~

For those yg celebrate, may you be happy and bubbly!!

For those yg tak celebrate or being far apart with loved one..
Don't be sad k??
Sebab apa yang penting adalah.....
Ingatan selalu dan cinta sejati yg lahir dari hati.


Good/Evil, Teach/Learn, Me/You

February 9, 2009


So, do you realize something about the pictures??


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Accurate breakdown of a laugh

Ha - Not Funny At All

Hah - Sort of Funny

Haha - Just Humorous

Hahah - Funny but not "LOL"

Hahaha - Genuinely Funny

Hahahah - "LOL"

Hahahaha - Very Funny

Hahahahah - Mockingly Funny

Hahahahahahhahahhaha - Gelak hell

Other types of laughs are:

Hihi~ Hehe~ Huhu~ Herh~
He~ Ahaks~ Muahaha~
Hemoh hemoh hemoh

p/s: Ada sesiapa nak tolong beri definition? =P

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Seth's mean girlfriend

February 8, 2009

sidenote: I love you. Hug me. DAMN YOU!!

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